Soap for DIY Laundry Butter

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If you like an easy DIY to save $$$ then this is for you! This is enough of the right soap to make a whole GALLON of your own Laundry Butter for the price of 1 Quart of ready made! Directions and recipe are included....this isn't a full "kit", you will need to purchase 2 low cost items found in the grocery store, this is the soap I make to use when I make the Laundry Butter......most folks don't want to work with lye to make their own soap from scratch so I do that part, and shred it up for you! Directions are to make 2 quarts, just double it if you want to use the whole bag to make a gallon! For those that aren't into DIY.....I will continue to offer Laundry Butter ready made here!

Don't forget.....Laundry Butter is THE best cleanser for the bathroom and kitchen also! Literally makes your porcelain SHINE!

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